Let’s take a look at the language on your website, the layout and how it flows. Let’s look at your photographs and dive into lighting, composition and what aspects of photography makes your heart sing. Let’s review and refine the systems you have in place from the time a client inquires with you to when you deliver their images.


3 hour session


We’ll spend an hour on each subject; Your website, portfolio and the systems you have in place.

2 hour session


We’ll spend 2 hours together going over two business subjects of your choice; Your website, portfolio or systems.

1 hour session


We’ll spend 1 hour together going over a business subject of your choice; Your website, portfolio or systems.



Limited spots are available due to my wedding schedule.
Just reach out and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Sessions take place in Frederick MD
Available on weekdays, Mondays - Thursdays 10am-5pm

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