Ok, ok, ok, I’ll admit that I’m insecure sometimes too and I’ve told a photographer to watch out for my flabby arms. I get it! You’re in front of a camera and you want to look like a trillion dollars. Well, I want to let you in on a little secret...it’s not perfect abs and a sculpted chin that makes you look good..it’s YOU that makes you look good.

I have a fashion background in photography. I went to school at Fashion Institute of Technology and worked with a photographer who did editorials for Vogue and Harper’s. I would tirelessly edit out imperfect curves, wrinkles, blemishes and soften skin. It really took the fun out of photography for me. Where’s the connection? Where’s the story? Where’s the creativity?

I’m happy to be working organically with real people and hearing their true stories. You don’t have to be perfect for photos, you just have to be yourself. Are you feeling happy today? Let’s laugh! Are you feeling quiet today? Let’s get moody! Are you body shaming yourself today? Well, I’ve been there too and let’s talk about how you can fall in love with yourself. Tell me the things you love about your partner and let them tell you what they love about you.

There’s magic in loving yourself. Fuck tradition and what society wants you to be. Have your happy crows feet, wise silver hair, and enjoy the memories in your ‘pudgier’ curves. I promise I’ll spoil you at your photoshoot and only put you in the best light (literally and figuratively). Your love and this job is art to me. You are art to me.