My evening with Joyce, Speare and Marlow could’t of been more perfect. It was a cool 70 degrees with golden sunshine and fresh air on a mountain top. We took the green trail up to the top with Marlow the pup leading the way. Somehow I managed to be a chatty-Kathy while huffing and puffing up those steps. I learned so much about Joyce & Speare and pretty much fell in love with them immediately. Joyce loves techno R&B and Speare likes to kickbox. They met in college and are both lawyers in DC. They love their pup Marlow and the three of them together is just the cutest thing ever. We chased some light, climbed some rocks, Marlow did some digging, and Joyce & Speare got to do some cuddling. It was great and I cannot wait for these two to get hitched.


EngagementEmily Gude