I don’t know where to begin with Steve and Eunice. I’ve just been starstruck from the moment I met them. They are truly rockstars and their community can only agree. During their wedding, I had multiple people tell me how loved they are and of course it really showed-- 400 people from their community came to their ceremony and it was epic to see everyone come together to celebrate their love.

The day started with just the two of them, an epic first look in the gardens of the Middleburg Community Center. Steve looked like a king and Eunice looked like a queen. I could barely concentrate on taking pictures because again, I was starstruck. Steve’s reaction to her was adorable. He threw his hands up in the air and danced around her. The rest of the day went just like that-- hands up in the air, lots of smiles, awesome dance moves mixed in with some happy tears.

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