I’ve know Paula and Nik (& Finn) for a couple years now. They are so dear to me. Paula is also a photographer in Frederick and we met in a pretty cute way - I saw pictures of Finn online (along with Paula’s gorgeous work!) and I thought that Finn was my buddy’s dog. I immediately got pissed because I figured my friend was holding out about mentioning this AMAZING photographer in town to me. So in my outgoing way, I commented on the pictures of Finn asking how do you know Maple??? (the other labradoodle) hoping that Paula would also notice me. Flash forward a couple years later and we talk almost every day. She’s supported and been there for me through so much and I’m actually a little emotional writing this right now.

Ok shake it off… ANYWHO - moral of the story is get mad about a dog that you think was another dog but you’re actually wrong about it and you’ll gain a life-long friend.

Paula, Nik and Finn LOVE the snow. They go snow boarding pretty often (and that’s actually how they got engaged). These guys have such a connected and genuine love for each other. It inspires me to no end.