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When I photograph a wedding, I’m telling a story. I’m not telling it right then, I’m saving it for later. I’m preserving the anxious moments leading up to your ceremony. Your giddy faces as you see one another for the first time. The love you have for each other and for your loved ones. The teary eyes during your first dance. I photograph so you can remember this story and tell it for years to come.

Not every photo will be over the top bright or moody and dark. They will all be a reflection of your day as it happened. Every wedding day has serious moments and laughter. at contrast is the beauty of your love and that’s what I will capture for you.



You’re ready to kick back and enjoy the wedding you’ve worked so hard to plan. And I want to be the one who helps you do that. I will sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.

You’re invested in the moments happening throughout the day. Because you can trust me. I’ve got this covered. I’ll get the shots of the details you picked and the moment your mom zips you into your dress.

You want beautiful photos of the best day with your favorite people. If your wedding is about your relationships, then I’m your girl. Also, I want you to want me. Photography can be a big investment and even though I know I’m worth every penny, I want you to think that too.



If this doesn’t feel like the right fit for you I'd be happy if you e-mailed me anyways.
Let me know what you’re looking for and I can steer you in the direction of a photographer who fits your style. If I've tugged at your heartstrings, I want to know all about your relationship & your wedding plans!

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