When I photograph a wedding, I’m telling a story. A story that evokes all the warm, excited, anxious, and silly in love feelings of your wedding day. A story that captures the moments, both big and small. From your best childhood friend touching up your lipstick to a shared laugh over dinner with your grandmother to the second you see the one standing at the other end of the aisle. These are the moments that matter.

Your photos will bring back a rush of emotions from your day. Whether it was a large affair full of laughter, dancing, and silliness or a quiet, cozy gathering, I want you to remember every feeling.

My photography strikes a balance between light + airy and dark + moody, because that’s what makes up your wedding day. There are the intimate, emotional moments and there are the moments when you can’t stop smiling. Those contrasts are the beauty of love and that’s what I want to evoke in your photos.

Regarding your final product, I’ll deliver photos that are both color and timeless black and white, and I aim to emulate classic, natural film as much as possible.


I’m looking for the offbeat couples, the couples that are thinking outside the hotel ballroom, the couples planning a wedding that is uniquely and truly them. I want to work with those that love the tradition of love and a meaningful wedding ceremony, but want to give it their own modern spin.

My couples care about the moments rather than the things. A photograph of shoes on a table or a dress on a hanger is lovely, but there’s so much more that I could miss if I’m taking a half hour of detail shots. It could be a sweet gesture from your mom or your best friend tearing up as she's putting the finishing touches on her speech. These are the things you want to remember.

Most of all, I want to work with couples that are looking to invest in photography that speaks to them. I want my couples to see themselves while scrolling through my portfolio and start thinking about how excited they are to say I do!


-Doesn't fuss over the little things! After witnessing over 100 weddings, I'm aware that things don't always go as planned. I'm a pretty “go with the flow” person and I mesh really well with clients who are too! You're my kind of people if you can let go of the little things, kick back and enjoy the day with your loved ones.

-Cares about the moments rather than the things. I've found in the past that while I'm spending time creating a perfectly staged photo of the dress on the hanger or the shoes on the coffee table that there are 15+ other things happening behind me that I am missing. It could be a sweet gesture from your mom or your best friend tearing up as she's putting the finishing touches on her speech.

-Values the relationships in their lives and the people at their wedding. My inspiration on a wedding day comes from how people feel about each other.

-Values photography. This might be obvious, but it’s super important that I am not just hired because you need a wedding photographer, but because you want one. I'd love it if you saw yourself in my work and it gets you excited for your big day! So take a good look around and if you like my vision I'd love for you to get in touch!


If this doesn’t feel like the right fit for you I'd be more than happy if you e-mailed me anyways, tell me what you’re looking for and I can steer you in the direction of a photographer who fits your style preferences! There are so many talented photographers in the industry and we all shoot in our own unique ways.

If I've tugged at your heartstrings, let’s get chatting about your wedding day! I want to know all about your plans and your relationship! Contact me HERE. 

Cheers! -Em