love birds..

I am not your traditional wedding photographer. I cannot guarantee the 'obvious' photographs. Your wedding is an experiment to me & this is how photographic magic is created.. If that scares you, I may not be the right photographer for you. If this excites you..

lets make some art together.




01.  About

I'm a real goofball. compassionate and a little shameless.

My camera is a part of me, working as one of my vital organs. Trust in the weird things I do to get these photographs and we'll have a great thing going on.

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02.  Gallery

The art of photography.

My work is a collection of memories, compassion and light. I strive to look deeper than the surface and capture just that...piecing together the photographs to make up your story.

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03. Contact

I crave connection, deep conversation and to listen.

So hello. Once again, my name is Emily. Let’s get together, I wanna hear your story from start to finish.

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