I’ve created this handy-dandy guide and pulled out some sections that I get the most questions about. Don’t see the answer to your question? Feel free to reach out at


This states that you are only hiring me as your photographer. I don’t mind if guest take photos, I just ask that I have your full attention for any posed and group photos (couple portraits, family photos, wedding party etc).


Communication is best from you only you, as you are my clients. I love that your parents, friends, coordinator etc. want to help, but I ask that emails and calls only be streamlined from you. Communication can get lost in translation if there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

Professional communication regarding plans for your wedding will be via phone and/or email (not social media). Let me know what works best for you as I understand some people prefer phone over email, and vice versa.


I only accept payments from my clients (you). If your parents, friends, aunts, uncles, grandparents want to cover the cost – great! They can write you a check and you can pay me from there.


If your mom asks me to photograph her and her friends, I absolutely will! I’m here for you, your family and your friends because that is what a wedding is all about! But if your pregnant cousin asks us to photograph her maternity session at your wedding, we can politely decline.


House rules refers to your venue’s rules. Let’s say you’re getting married at a church and the church restricts mobility and access for the photographer. If this is the case, we're not responsible for missed photos due to restrictions out of our control.


Creative control allows me to do my thing. I trust that you’ve hired me because you love the work that I produce. I’ve found that if I’m focused on checking off a shot list, I miss out on genuine and creative moments (but don’t fret, we’ll get those family photos!)


Instead of selling the copyrights of the images to you (which industry standard is about $1,000/image), I give you personal printing rights. This means that you can print your wedding photos wherever you want and also post to your personal social media as you’d like. You cannot sell the images for profit and publish to 3rd party publishers (wedding blogs, newspapers, other vendors pages, etc). Just ask and we will be more than happy to look into publishing your wedding for you.

Editing images

Please do not edit the photos. Though it may seem small to add a filter on it for Instagram, it takes away from the work and the professional finished product.


We do our best to get everyone present and looking at the camera for their portraits. Guest cooperation is also key to getting nicely posed photographs. If someone does not show up for their pictures, has had a little too much to drink, or just refuses to be photographed, I cannot be held responsible for missed pictures of them.

Vendor Meal

This section makes sure we are taken care of for food. This can be done in a simple way – include us in your guest count. But, if you’d rather not (which is totally ok – caterers often provide a vendor meal option), just please make sure that your caterer feeds us as soon as your bridal party is fed. If we eat after every guest has been fed, we’ll most likely miss your toasts and first dances. We should eat when you eat – and no one wants photos of themselves eating anyways, right?


I’ve never canceled on a client (knock on wood). There are only two reasons why I ever would.

1. Major emergency: Death/health OR
2. I don’t get any communication from you. Things happen and I get that! Just make sure you’re keeping me in the loop and that any changes in your wedding plans are similar to the original plan.


We get the majority of our future clients by showing off our current clients on our website and social media accounts. Sometimes magazines even deem us worthy of publication. You're agreeing that we can show off your beautiful face. 


I have never missed a wedding (I’ve even shot a wedding with food poisoning before!), but I understand that life happens and a plan needs to be put in place. The only reason why I would miss a wedding would be in the event of an emergency. I will find you a replacement photographer ASAP. I have a beautiful & creative community of wedding photographers that I trust with all of my heart. On the crazy off-chance that we can’t find someone available, you’ll get a full refund. The same goes if something were to happen to your wedding images. Again, this has never happened as I take the utmost care in storing our photos properly.


I promise I’m not saying your guests are awful people! I’m just saying I’m in an industry where people like to party and love is in the air! But.. that doesn’t allow for any sort of harassment to happen. We will professionally deal with a rowdy guest with the plan we have in place. 1st offense: I ask for them to stop and will notify you of the guest. 2nd offense: they will be asked to leave immediately. 3rd offense: we will stop coverage immediately. (3rd offense has never happened but it is here to protect our safety).


This is just an easier read that better explains the “hear ye hear ye” talk. Please refer to your original agreement.


Thanks for reading all that! Press play for some fancy photos!