Emily Gude Photo in Frederick News Post

Lauren LaRocca wrote a wonderful piece about a wedding I photographed in 2014- Alison & Brandon. It was featured in my local newspaper, The Frederick New Post! A huge thank you to Lauren, Alison & Brandon! And it reads,

"In 2002, we started dating and ... we never broke up," Alison said with laugh. They dated 11 years before getting engaged in 2013 and married in September 2014. "We were basically married before we got married." They both grew up in the area but moved to Brooklyn seven years ago, so when they finally decided to get married, they wanted their wedding to be held back home, where their families still live. They chose Fox Haven Farm and Learning Center in Jefferson for its rustic charm and because the barn, where they would hold the ceremony and reception, was minimalistic, allowing Alison, an interior architect by training, to get creative with her wedding design. Brandon is a web developer, and Alison is a freelance graphic designer, so the wedding had a definite DIY touch. They designed their own invitations, programs, menu and placeholders. They designed a custom website together (http://moremannwedding.com). Also, a nice touch was a group purchase of paper lanterns throughout the barn. A group of people renting the space throughout the summer season went in on the purchase, cutting the expense drastically for each party (they were worth about $1,000 and each party paid $100, Alison said). Alison, of course, also has crafty friends! One of her bridesmaids is a florist who specializes in event design (Lovely Things LLC, Columbus, Ohio), and she created all the flower arrangements and bouquets. "Everything was very customized," Alison said.

About Emily Gude Photography:
Emily Gude started working with photography in high school, infatuated by the process. She practically lived in a darkroom. She went on to study photography at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and returned to her hometown of Middletown after the two-year program. She now works as a photographer and a painter and lives in downtown Frederick. She's a self-described community photographer, shooting fashion editorials for boutiques, food for local restaurants, events and portraits for friends and so on. Her work has been showcased at several venues. Most recently, she has immersed herself in wedding photography, surrounding herself with memorable and beautiful moments."