My name is Emily Gude. (Goo-dee, rhymes with booty). Or reminds you of gouda cheese, goody goody gum drops... or all of the above.

I'm a real goofball. compassionate and a little shameless.

My camera is a part of me, working as one of my vital organs. I've been a comrade with my camera for quite some time now. (10 years studying + photographing weddings and lifestyles since 2014). Trust in the weird things I do to get these photographs and we'll have a great thing going on.

  • I ride my bike all over town.
  • I prefer an oversized button down shirt with leggings + Birkenstocks over getting dolled up.
  • My boyfriend, Goodloe and I have been together for 5 years. We have a fur baby- Pugloe. (yeah yeah and sometimes he calls me girl-loe).
  • I use curse words as positive adjectives. Because f%*#in' awesome is better then just awesome.
  • My favorite movie is The Fall by Tarsem Singh.

  • I've cried at almost every single ceremony I've photographed (and often dance during the reception).

I crave connection. I crave deep conversations. I crave to listen.

“Photography has shaped the way I look at the world; it has taught me to look beyond myself and capture the world outside.”
Lynsey Addario, It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War

So hello. Once again, my name is Emily.  I’m goofy, creative, animated and proud of that. Let’s get together, I wanna hear your story from start to finish.

Write to me!