Hello, my name is Emily. Thank you so much for checking out my work!

You're at this page because you want to learn more about me (and that's great!) but writing about yourself is so silly.. let's have coffee and a real human experience. This will suffice for now...

Ever since I was very little, I have always been expressing myself through art: photography, painting, whatever means.. Art has always been there for me. I first found my love for photography in high school. I basically lived in the darkroom. I'd get myself in trouble for skipping my other classes just to stay there. After high school, I furthered my education in the photography AAS program at The Fashion Institute of Technology. I dabbled in fashion photography, but really found my niche when I got the opportunity to shoot a wedding.

To be honest,  I never really considered weddings before… I always thought I would be a fashion photographer. But weddings clicked with me (no pun intended) for one huge reason. I feel that it IS photography; the fashion, the story, the emotion, the creativity, the moments. Weddings really have it all for a photographer, the candids, the still lifes, the portraits, the architecture. Wow...I feel like I’m ranting. I tend to do that when I get excited about something. Anyways, I’ve been shooting weddings, families and portraits professionally since 2012 and am so incredibly grateful to every single client that has let me capture a bit of their lives. My love for people hopefully shines in the details of my photography.

So hello. Once again, my name is Emily- I’m goofy, I’m weird and I’m proud of that. Let’s get together, laugh about some things and talk about love, life and your story.            Write to me!


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